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We do an AI-based digital platform that maximizes the efficiency of your restaurant service. It is fast, reliable and easy to use.
Easy adjustment
No hardware needed
Burger Boss

Neat QR-code interactive menu

No more annoying queues and meaningless conversations with cashiers. Smart AI-based recommendations help your guests to not miss something important. Your guests complete their orders, pay and become surprised how fast they get their meal, because...

...AI does the rest of the job

Your stuff receives the whole information about the order. AI identifies the best way the order can be executed. You need just to accept the money and prepare the order for the customer. System designed in a way to create a sustainable flow of the process, that can easily spread the duties and make your team incredibly efficient.

ze-lp-cardsGroup 17 Copy 2🍟🥙🌯🥤Your meal is ready!... Hi Richard,

Your customers notified after the order is done

Since the order is done, your customers receive a notification. Customer shows the confirmation number and picks up a meal. Your clients are happy of your amazing service and you are happy too.


All data of your center and your customers is highly protected. We follow all necessary guidelines of GDPR and COOKIE policy. With MenuApp, you are safe!

Boost it up!

People don’t need to wait in the annoying queues. And your staff doesn't need to waste their time and your money. Customers come, they get what they want immediately and they return to you again because people like it when things are going fast.

No complicated integration needed

All that your restaurant need is a mobile phone or a laptop. No complicated hardware, no integration, no difficulties. Setup and learn the system takes usually 14 minutes.


AI prepares statistics and recommendations. These insights can help you to improve the production process and make your business more efficient.

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